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Online: December 31, 2017

Gabriel Panait

"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.47 - 2017

Numerical simulations and experimental flexion-extension measurements of human leg joints during squat exercises

Ethanol and polysorbate-20 as permeability enhancer for iontophoretic administration of glucosamine sulphate in patients with low back pain

Short term pre-cooling maneuvers - effect on dehydration and thermoregulation during an exercise test in the warm environment

Do we need new echocardiographic methods for left ventricle systolic function evaluation in athlets?

Management of sport to improve the performance and status of the wellbeing of people with disabilities

Evaluation and comparison of the results between two different fixation methods results in arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Effect of Traumeel S associated with conventional treatment in patients with low-back pain

Vertical jump performances in recreational basketball players: the role of physical characteristics and anthropometric parameters of the lower limbs

Comparative effects of muscle energy technique and core stability exercise in the management of patients with non-specific chronic low back pain

Balance evaluation and proprioceptive training on ballerinas - Part I: questionnaire design and proprioceptive training program for ballet dancers

Online: July 2017

Romanian Society for Sports Medicine



15th International Scientific Conference on Transformation Processes in Sport

hosted by

University of Montenegro & Montenegrin Sports Academy

April 12, 2018 to April 15, 2018, Budva (Montenegro)


• physiology and sports medicine

• social sciences & humanities

• biomechanics and neuromuscular

Montenegrin Sports Academy contact email:

Online: May 19, 2017

"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.46 - 2016

Is intermittent fasting a scientifically-based dietary method?

The role of the ketogenic diet in exercise performance

Anthropometric and physiological characteristics in young Indian elite swimmers: a comparative study

Measured versus predicted thoracic gas volume in college students

Coordinative skills and development of strength in young athletes tennis practice

Fitness Profile in Male Boxers of Kolkata, India

Functional rehabilitation of the knee joint after cruciate ligament reconstruction in the football players – recovery in therapy room

Is there evidence-based practices of laser therapy in lateral epicondylitis patients?

Online: January 2017

Romanian Society for Sports Medicine




Online: March 21, 2016


Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (MJSSM)

Accuracy and Criterion-Related Validity of the 20-M Shuttle Run Test in Well-Trained Young Basketball Players

Inter and Intra Positional Differences in Ball Kicking Between U-16 Croatian Soccer Players

Perceived Muscle Soreness, Functional Performance and Cardiovascular Responses to an Acute Bout of Two Plyometric Exercises

Evaluation of Scoring Skills and Non Scoring Skills in the Brazilian SuperLeague Women’s Volleyball

The Influence of Social Capital Domains on Self-Rated Health Among Serbian High-School Students? A School-Based Cross-Sectional Study

Online: November 2016

September 2016, Vol.5, No.2



"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.45 - 2016

Normative data for the functional movement screen in healthy taekwondo athletes

Importance of the exercise testing in the socio-professional reintegration at patients with ischemic heart disease

Assessment of risk and severity of injuries among male professional and national football league players in southwest Nigeria

Effects of menstrual period on daily energy demands in a group of elite female rowers

Correlation between depression and stress test at patients with ischemic heart

An effective procedure to individualize the training load for depth jumping

Prevalence of generalized joint hypermobility and its association with sports injuries at recreational cricket players

XXV-th Conference of the Romanian Sports Medicine Society June 16-18, 2016 - Selected Abstracts from the Scientific Program

Online: July 2016

Romanian Society for Sports Medicine



Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (MJSSM)

The acute effects of hip abductors fatigue on postural balance

Presence of the relative age effect and its effect on playing time among under-20 players in the Norwegian premier league Tippeligaen – a four-year follow up

Analysis of the Relevant Factors for the Engaging Women in Various Sports in Croatia

Socioeconomic, Personal and Behavioral Correlates of Active Commuting among Adolescents

Match Analysis in Volleyball: a systematic review

Online: June 2016

March 2016, Vol.5, No.1



"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.44 - 2015

Posttraumatic peripheral neuropathic pain and CRPS in the upper limb

Effects comparison of the short-time Mellissa Officinalis L supplementation and downhill running on the blood factors in young swimmers

Correlates, predictors and reference values of repetitive squat performance in apparently healthy Nigerians

The effect of short-term multidisciplinary intervention on the levels of anxiety, ego-resilience and affect in sports shooters with disabilities

Comparison of the effects of resistance training with and without vascular occlusion in increases of strength and hypertrophy: a review of the literature

Pattern of musculoskeletal injuries among soccer and basketball players in a Nigerian university

Interactive effect of Saffron extracts and acute resistance exercise on serum Paraoxonase-1 activity and C-reactive protein

Online: December 2015

Romanian Society for Sports Medicine



Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (MJSSM)

Office Sitting Made Less Sedentary – A Future-forward Approach to Reducing Physical Inactivity at Work

Acute Effect of Lower-Body Vibration as a Recovery Method After Fatiguing Exercise

Preliminary psychometric validation of the Multidimensional inventory of sport excellence: attention scales and mental energy

Effect of Menthol on Respiratory and Perceptual Responses to Exercise in Firefighter Protective Gear)

Performance-enhancing effects of dietary nucleotides: do mitochondria play a role?

Online: September 2015

September 2015, Vol.4, No.2



"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.43 - 2015

Boxing injuries by anatomical location: a systematic review

Evaluation of ergogenic matter and doping usage knowledge of Turkish national athletes

The effects of Versa Gripps® during pull-ups on surface electromyography in strength trained males

Reliability, validity and factorial structure of the occupational stress scale for physical education teachers

Straight leg raising test - a comparison of two instruments

Effects of Chandra-Nadi Pranayama on metabolic fitness and bone integrity

Thermographic analysis of the photochemical effect, a result of Multiwave Locked System Laser irradiation

Online: September 2015

Romanian Society for Sports Medicine



"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.42 - 2015

Assessment of body cell mass in Indian junior elite players (male) of different sports using bioelectrical impedance analysis method

Comparison between selected anthropometric indices of patients with cancer and age matched apparently healthy individual

A study evaluating the prevalence of female athlete triad and its risk factors among elite athletes and non-athletes

The evaluation and results of the surgery in the acromioclavicular joint dislocations

Exercise induce oxidative stress in rats kidney

Body composition and pulmonary functional correlates in Nigerian male amateur boxers

Relationship between anthropometric variables and elbow flexor muscle strength at varying hip joint angle in apparently healthy young adults

Compared 2 method of resistance training (traditional and body pump) on the vertical jump and balance in male basketball players 16-18 years

Online: May 2015

Romanian Society for Sports Medicine



Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (MJSSM)

Comparison of Fitness Levels between Croatian and Lithuanian Students

Age-Related Patterns of Physical and Physiological Characteristics in Adolescent Wrestlers

The Importance of Loosely Systematized Game Phases in Sports: The Case of Attack Coverage Systems in High-Level Women’s Volleyball

The Determination of Physical Activity Levels of Trainers in Kastamonu, Turkey

Body Height and Its Estimation Utilizing Arm Span Measurements in Bosnian and Herzegovinian Adults

Online: March 2015

March 2015, Vol.4, No.1



"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.41 - 2015

Impact of energy intake and balance on the athletic performance and health of top female volleyball athletes

Magnesium supplementation in top athletes - effects and recommendations

The role of lifestyle interventions in preventing diabetes in high risk populations

Vertical ground reaction force during land- and water-based exercise performed by patients with type 2 diabetes

Synovial osteochondromatosis in a master runner - a case report with clinical and radiological findings

Isokinetic specific training protocol in athletes with “handball goalie’s elbow” injury

A study of the effects of anuloma viloma pranayama on hematological parameters

Online: March 2015

Romanian Society for Sports Medicine



"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.40 - 2014

Ethical issues and doping in Olimpic and Paralympic Games

Relative effort changes during sit to stand and stand to sit transition following muscle damage

Prevalence of risk factors of cardiovascular diseases among practitioners of skiing - study on a sample of 632 subjects

Responses to sodium bicarbonate supplementation in repeat sprint activity are individual

Assessment of physical activity levels and nicotine dependence among university students

The study of predictor’s anthropometric parameters of upper limb with elbow carrying angle in athletes

Electromyographic analysis of bench press in paralympic athletes

Age grade distribution of high quadriceps angle in a selected Nigerian population

A comparison of spine ROM and physical fitness parameters in active females and sedentary females

The role of acclimatization in preventing acute mountain sickness: research on a group of 36 climbers on climbing the mountain Muztagh Ata, China, between 3600 and 7546 m altitude

Online: December 2014

Romanian Society for Sports Medicine


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Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (MJSSM)

Effect of Egg White Protein Supplementation Prior to Acute Resistance Training on Muscle Damage Indices in Untrained Japanese Men

Comparison of the Anaerobic Power of Brazilian Professional Football Players Grouped by Tactical Position

Comparative Study of Anthropometric Measurement and Body Composition between Elite Handball and Basketball Players

Analysis of the Relevant Factors of Retaining Women in Judo

Why Left-handers/footers are overrepresented in some sports?

Online: September 2014

September 2014, Vol.3, No.2



"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.39 - 2014

Nutrition timing in top athletes

Sport related injuries of the nerves in the knee region

Arrhythmological sudden death in athletes - electrophysiological assessment and management

The comparative evolution of functional cardiovascular adaptive changes in athlete and non-athlete students

The effect of mental imagery on muscle strength and balance performance in recreational basketball players

The effect of core stabilization exercises on the physical fitness in children 9-12 years

Rehabilitation of knee mobility using hydrokinesitherapy in patients with gonarthrosis

Online: September 2014

Romanian Society for Sports Medicine



"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.38 - 2014

Pharmacologically active substances and dietary supplements used by athletes - the European and Italian regulation

Pattern of sports injuries and physiotherapy interventions at the 23rd Nigerian University Games

The relationship between alignment of upper limb and postural control in adolescents with Down Syndrome

A cross-sectional study for the relationship of left atrial remodelling with body composition and body surface area in athletes of various sports

The effects of short-term extract of Melissa officinalis supplement on hip circumference (swelling) after aerobic exercise in a negative slope

The Effect of PNF stretching in the hamstring muscles on the young speed  sprinters

Study regarding the benefits of using physical exercise in the treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes

The analgesic effect and improvement of motor deficit using a rehabilitation program with high intensity laser included, after operated lumbar disc hernia with paretic radiculopathy

Online: July 2014

Romanian Society for Sports Medicine



Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (MJSSM)

Future of Alpine Skiing Schools-gender related programs

The Coaching Process in Football – A qualitative perspective

Effect of Half Time Cooling on Thermoregulatory Responses and Soccer-Specific Performance Tests

Two Aspects of Bias in Multivariate Studies: Mixing Specific with General Concepts and “Comparing Apples and Oranges”

Do Significant Achievements of National Football Team Can Strengthen National Identity in Montenegro?

Online: March 2014

March 2014, Vol.3, No.1



"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.37 - 2014

Cardiac specialized conduction system in competitive athletes

Analysis of pain threshold and tolerance of super league soccer players

Exhaled nitric oxide in athletes admitted to a Pediatric Department

The effect of 8 weeks of training endurance and curcumin supplementation on VEGF levels in the liver rats exposed to lead acetate

Effects of short rest periods on neuromuscular responses to resistance exercise in trained men

Development of a New Motor Development Evaluation Scale for Cerebral Palsy Diagnosed Children (SED-PCI): Phase II — Practical Application

Postural stability in children with Down syndrome

Immediate effects of kinesio tape on acute hamstring strain; case report

Online: March 2014

Romanian Society for Sports Medicine


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