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Articles, Info & Abstracts 2005 - 2008:

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Shoulder muscle activation during push up variations: an emg analysis
Shweta S, Shruti M, Sandhu J.S
Strength and power training for elite athletes
Dušan Hamar
Expresion of calcitonin receptor in the rat quadriceps femoris muscle
Theodora Papamitsou, Eleftherios G. Kaklamanos, Alexandros Toskas, Christos Papanastasiou , Louise Economou, Antonia Sioga
Physical activity and physical status of women over 60 years old
Mitsakis I.,. Nousios G.,  Lyrtzis C, Tsermakian T,
Physiological issues of exertion in athletes
Derevenco P
A survey: The effect of eight weeks sub maximal physical activity on the plasma fibrinogen in elderly males
Mirdar Sh, Bakhshandeh A, Sadeghpour B, Safiri H
Usage of encumberance protocol depending of sports discipline
Cvetković Brankica, Zlatković Miroljub, Plavšić Jadranka
Relation between VO2max and some biochemical parameters during the training process of professional soccer players
Handziski Zoran, Dalip Metin, Handziska Eli, Nikolik Slobodan
Expresion of calcitonin receptor in the rat temporo-mandibular joint structures
Eleftherios G. Kaklamanos, Theodora Papamitsou, Louise Economou, Antonia Sioga,
Physical Working Capacuty of 12-17 years old visually impaired boys and girls
Diana Dimitrova, Irena Ljudmilova
Pregnancy ang giving birth of elite athletes
Maria Toteva
The changes of  blood lactates, in correlation with some biochemical parameters, during the training process of professional soccer players
Handziska Eli,   Dalip Metin,   Handziski Zoran,   Nikolik Slobodan
Lower limbs muscular performance evaluation in skiers
Avram Claudiu, Oravitan Mihaela, Domokos Martin
The conection between physical ability and anemia with young soccer players selected to play for senor team
Zlatković Jovan, Antić Nebojša, Gavrilovic Tamara 
Forced expiratory volumen in the first second (FEV1) of the elite serbian male volleyball and handball players
Đavolović Brankica, Zlatković Miroljub, Nikolić Jovo
Comparison of BMI and oxygen consumption within waterpolo players of different age
J. Plavšić, M. Zlatković, S. Đopđević Šaranović, M. Poljak, J. Mihailović
Dynamics of parameter changes of lung ventilation during different effort in karate and orienteering
S.Đorđević-Šaranović, N.Antić, J.Zlatković, M.Zlatković, J.Plavši
The ratio limphocytes/leukocytes - coefficient in high - performance volleyball players during an annual cycle
Serbescu Ioan, Vasilescu Mirela
Muscle fiber – a bidirectional approach
Mihai Relu Ursta Anghel
The effect of maximal isometric contraction training in various knee positions on physical capacity of healthy quadriceps muscle
Effects Of Intense Aerobic Exercise on Body Weight, Light Density Lipoprotein and High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol
Hilmi Karatosun, Metin Lutfi Baydar, Cem Çetin
M. Vasilescu, Fl. Romanescu, V. Nestianu
"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.4 - 2005
Modern methods for muscle fatigue evaluation
Vasilescu M, Romanescu F. Nestianu V.
"Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.3 - 2005
Spectacular progress in the exploration of the biochemical basis of exercise performance
Mechanisms of localized muscle fatigue during maximal isometric contraction Muscle adaptablity to aerob training and detraining
Vasilescu M, Rusu L, Romanescu F, Nestianu V
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