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Articles, Info & Abstracts 2005 - 2008:
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Physical activity and prevention
Pietro Montesano, Glenda Pelliccia, Filomena Mazzeo
The effects of superimpose electrical stimulation technique on physical functions of healthy quadriceps femoris muscle
Ferruh Taspinar, Ummuhan Bas Aslan, Betul Taspinar
The effects of physical and non-physical functioning on one-leg standing Balance in a population of institutionalized adults
Altug F., Cavlak U., Buker N., Kitis A.
Scapular muscle fatigue in athletes with shoulder impingement syndrome: an Emg analysis
Shweta  Shenoy, Vikrant  Mohan  Miglani, Jaspal  Singh  Sandhu
Sports and hemodynamic aspects of venous system at lower limb
F.Calota, Ligia Rusu, Mirela Vasilescu, D. Camen, E. Moraru
Benefit of exercise training on risk factors in hypertensive patients with metabolic sindrom
Mircea Iurciuc, Claudiu Avram, Stela Iurciuc, Mihaela Oravitan, Sorin Ursoniu
(abstract) - "Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.12 - 2007
Increased benefit and compliance in patients with metabolic syndrome by using physical activity monitors
Claudiu Avram, Mihaela Oravitan, Mircea Iurciuc, Stela Iurciuc, Adrian Nagel, Dan Gaita
Anca Ionescu, Adela Apostol, Mirela Vasilescu, Ligia Rusu
Transversal and Longitudinal Twitch Response of Biceps Brachii
Boštjan Šimunič , Dejan Križaj, Rado Pišot
Studies concerning the correlation between some metabolic parameters and the sport performance
Short-term repeatability of parameters extracted from radial displacement of muscle belly
 Dejan Križaj, Boštjan Šimunič, Tomaž Žagar
(abstract) - "Medicina Sportiva" Sport Medicine Journal - No.9 - 2007
Supervision of the immune index level in high-performance athletes volleyball players during an annual cycle
Electromiographycal changes induced by medium altitude physical training at athletes
Mihaela Oravitan, Claudiu Avram, Elena Sîrbu, Adrian Nagel, Eugen Bota, Stela Iurciuc
Borg rating of perceived exertion scale
Bara Laura-Margareta, Vartosu Venera-Maria, Vasile Simona, Ionescu Silvia Elena,
Mihailescu Violeta Ioana
Overtraining - synthetic view
Bara L.M., Popescu A.N.
Gene therapy and musculoskeletal diseases
Vasilescu M, Rusu L, Ionescu A, Dragomir M
Mirela Vasilescu
Diagnosis and treatment in Burner syndrome at athletes
Ligia Rusu, Elvira Păun, Enescu Bieru Denisa

The 15th Balkan Sports Medicine Congress
Conference: 6 - 8 June 2008 Craiova, Romania

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