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Articles, Info & Abstracts 2009 - present:
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Coronary flow and physical activity
Latino Francesca, Mazzeo Filomena, Tafuri Domenico
Non invasive evaluation of cardiac dimensions in professional wrestlers
Kulroop Kaur
Effect of pre-exercise sports drink on cardio-respiratory fitness
Neeraj Kumar, Rajkumar Agrahari
Effect of Tobacco Chewing on VO2 max
Neeraj Kumar, Swapnil Sharma
Homocysteine levels and physical activity in patients with coronary artery disease
Roxana Buzas, Constantin Tudor, Rodica Mihaescu
Comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation programs improve weight management in overweight and obese coronary patients following revascularisation
Adina Avram, Stela Iurciuc, Laura Craciun, Claudiu Avram, Lucian Hoble,
Mihaela Oravitan, Mircea Iurciuc, Dan Gaita, Silvia Mancas
Physical activity perception in revascularized coronary patients
Laura Crăciun, Adina Avram, Stela Iurciuc, Claudiu Avram, Cristian Sarău, Mircea Iurciuc,
Daniela Stăncilă, Dan Gaiţă, Silvia Mancaş
Heart rate and blood pressure responses in adolescent distance runners with personal or familial history of cardiac problem and hypertension and their significance as prognostic indicators for underlying cardiovascular problems
Jaspal S.Sandhu, Sarika, Jyoti Shekhar
Changes in cardiovascular risk factors with progressive resistance training in type 2 diabetics in asian indians
Shweta Shenoy, E Arora, JS Sandhu
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