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Articles, Info & Abstracts 2009 - present:
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Prevalence of low back pain and fatigue levels in Indian athletes
Singh Amrinder, Sandhu Gursumeet, Sandhu Jaspal Singh
Heritability in women and men of muscle strength of upper and lower limbs
Elys Costa de Sousa, Michelle Vasconcelos de Oliveira, Fabiana Tenório, Vanessa Carla Monteiro Pinto, Luciano Alonso Valente dos Santos, Paulo Moreira Silva Dantas
A new approach to estimate the anaerobic capacity of the top athletes
Apostol Adela, Ionescu Anca Mirela, Vasilescu Mirela, Mihai Berteanu
Aerobic versus Anaerobic - comparative studies concerning the dynamics of the aerobic and anaerobic effort parameters in top athletes
Apostol Adela, Ionescu Anca Mirela, Vasilescu Mirela
A study on the fitness level among students of Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara
Elena Doina Mircioagă, Alexandra Mircioagă, Sorin Ursoniu, Elena Bulucea
The use of infrared thermography for investigating abarticular rheumatism
Momanu Alina
Knowledge and attitude of medical students towards sports medicine
Akinsola O.J., Owoeye O.B.A.
The effects of body fat distribution on cardiopulmonary function in obese women
Yıldız  Yaprak
Incidental tracheobronchial aspiration of a ball pin in a healthy young professional basketball player - a case report
Ali Mohammad Bananzadeh, Sam Moslemi , Maryam Tahamtan, Lohrasb Taheri 
Findings regarding the injury recovery in Taekwondo during  Kyorug
Paunescu C, Pitigoi G, Elisabeta N, Paunescu M
Sauna effect on blood oxygen transport and prooxidant-antioxidant balance in athletes
Viktor Zinchuk, Dzmitry Zhadzko
A study to evaluate the effect of fatigue on knee joint proprioception and balance in healthy individuals
Purvi K. Changela, K. Selvamani, Ramaprabhu
Cane ( "Stick" ) TEST
Electromyography patterns at professional sportsmen
Bieru Enescu Denisa, Vasilescu Maria Mirela, Rusu Ligia, Cosma Germina, Fortan Catalin
A comparison of EMG fluctuation of deltoid and pectoralis major muscles in bench press
Iraj Sadri, Morteza Jourkesh, Sergej M. Ostojic,  Julio Calleja Gonzalez, Ali Ojagi, Abolfazl Neshati
Physical working capacity of 12-17 years old visually impaired boys and girls
Irena Lyudmilova, Diana Dimitrova
Strenght training benefit on weak muscle groups in young handbal playerst
Eugen Bota, Claudiu Avram, Adrian Nagel, Sorinel Voicu, Gheorghe Simion
Efficacy of Sudarshan Kriya and deep breathing in reducing of the precompetitive anxiety among young athletes
Maman Paul, Neeraj Kumar, Gopal K. Saini , Jaspal S. Sandhu
Influence of body mass index and gender upon liver stiffness values in patients with chronic hepatitis B and nonreplicative B virus carriers versus healthy subjects
Diana Nicoliţă, Ioan Sporea, Corina Vernic
Lifestyle intervention improve clinical features and metabolic profiles in patients with metabolic syndrome
Suzana Dănoiu, Anca Rizea, Mircea Danoiu, Rucsandra Dănciulescu Miulescu, Cătălina Poiană, Denisa Margină
Linking serum leptin with physical activity in patients with metabolic syndrome
Andreea Iana, Timar R., Tudor C, Elena Sîrbu
Assessment score for the body's recovery after effort
The individual lysis capacity – a natural factor in athletic selection
Posture therapy
Subclinical atherosclerosis in patients with metabolic syndrome with and without physical activity
Andreea Iana, R. Timar, Tudor C, Elena Sîrbu
The dynamics of sodium and potassium ions in sportsmen
Mihaela Apostu
Mental training between fashion and practice
Drosescu Paula

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