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Phoenix Diagnostic Clinic

Iliotibial friction syndrome


Iliotibial band (ITB) anatomy

– Functional:
anterolateral stability of the tibia together with
ACL, LCL, and LM

– ITB syndrome was first described in 1963

– Friction between ITB and lateral epicondyle
Iliotibial band (ITB) anatomy
Iliotibial friction syndromeIliotibial friction syndrome

Iliotibial friction syndrome

– Runners, football players, weight lifters
– Errors in training in 40% cases

Clinical diagnosis: lateral pain

Role of MRI:

– Definitive diagnostic (extraarticular) – especially for a rapid diagnostic – the recovery time is crucial in athletes

– Differential (when the pain is diffuse):

• Lateral meniscal tear
• Popliteal tendon pathology
• Lateral collateral ligament strain
• Ostheocondritis disecans
Iliotibial friction syndrome
MR findings:

1. High-signal intensity of ITB

2. Fluid collection deep to the ITB

3. Focal thickening of ITB

4. Edema lateral epicondyle

5. Signal change in posterior horn of lateral meniscus

Iliotibial friction syndrome

September 21, 2009

Phoenix Diagnostic Clinic, Bucharest

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