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Phoenix Diagnostic Clinic

The Posterolateral Corner of the Knee  ←  LCL – lateral collateral ligament

Anatomy and biomechanics

LCL – lateral collateral ligament
• Lateral femoral condyle 2 cm above the
joit line
• Length: 60 mm, width 3-5 mm
• Superficially located
• Separate from lateral capsule and
lateral meniscus: connective tissue (PT,
lateral genicular vessels)

LCL – distal attachment
• Cojoined tendon with biceps tendon
• LCL-biceps femoris bursa

MR appearance:

• 100% visualized
• On all sequences: intense hypointense
LCL – lateral collateral ligament
LCL – lateral collateral ligamentLCL – lateral collateral ligament
LCL – lateral collateral ligament


 Static stabilizer of the knee (the only structure from PLC)
 • During varus stress angulation remains within normal limits
 • LCL is most important in limiting varus angulation
 • Limited ability in the flexed knee:
   – External rotation
   – Posterior translation

October 18, 2009

Phoenix Diagnostic Clinic, Bucharest

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