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Cognitive benefits of aerobic exercise in patients with Cushing’s syndrome
Rucsandra Dănciulescu Miulescu, Denisa Margină, Roxana Corina Sfetea, Diana Păun, Cătălina Poiană, Elena Taina Avramescu
Beneficial effect of aerobic exercise and green tea on serum antioxidants
Amani Sandyani S, Erfani Karimzadeh Toosi A, Sariri R, Razmi N
Comparison of training and competition opportunities in leisure time among people with intellectual disabilities in selected European countries
Lucie Francova, Hana Valkova, Roman Sinkovsky
The effect of core stabilization exercises on factors physical fitness to mental retardation
Ahmadi Rahmat, Daneshmandi Hasan
Sociodemographic data, physical activity and pain intensity in patients with knee osteoarthritis
Ojoawo Adesola O,  Eniola  Ololade O
Effect of age on physical activity levels among teachers in selected secondary schools, Ibadan, Nigeria
Olusola Ayanniyi, Ayodeji A. Fabunmi, Oluwadamilola O. Akinpelu
Assessment of level of physical activity in patients with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Ojoawo Adesola O,   Ogunbeku M A
A 12-week physical training program – effects on fibromyalgia patients
Dragoi Diana, Traistaru Rodica, Rosulescu Eugenia, Vasilescu Mirela, Matei Daniela,
Popescu Roxana
Effects of practice exercises in water in patients with Parkinson's disease
Stan Elena Amelia
The role of home-training in the management of fibromyalgia - a randomized controlled trial
Rodica Traistaru, Daniela Matei, Diana Dragoi, Roxana Popescu, Ligia Rusu, V.N.Parvulescu
Efficacy of vastus medialis obliquus vs rectus femoris strengthening using open kinematic and closed kinematic exercises in patellofemoral pain syndrome
Nagarajan Mohan, Shashi Kumar C.G.
Effect of aerobic Exercise on some of selected metabolic syndrome in young obese women
Habibzadeh Nasim
The Pilates exercises – complementary means in the correction of poor postural attitudes
Aura Bota, Silvia Teodorescu, Corina Predescu
Physical activity and exercise in the prevention and treatment of obesity
Filomena Mazzeo, Giuliano Vetrano, Davide Nocerino, Maurizio Carpino
A study of finding relationship between anaerobic fitness and physical performance variables among athletes
Archna Sharma, Jitendra Kumar, J.S Sandhu
The role of exercise in the management of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women
Suzana Dănoiu, Mircea Danoiu, Rucsandra Dănciulescu Miulescu, Cătălina Poiană, Denisa Margină
An analysis study describing physical fitness level of overweight subjects
U.Cavlak, O.Telli,  E.Baskan, F.Altug

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