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Comparison of analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of the classical low laser therapy and multiwave locked system in inflammations of serous bursae
Momanu Alina
Advantages and limitations of generic tools for evaluating the quality of life in patients with spastic hemiparesis
Brindusa Ilinca Mitoiu, Dana Galieta Minca
Comparison of effectiveness of the extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) and steroid injection at plantar fasciitis treatment
Mustafa Onur Serbest, Halil İbrahim Kaya, Mustafa Hilmi Demir, Sabriye Ercan, Cem Cetin
Comparison of the effects of laterally wedged insole with subtalar strapping and in-shoe lateral wedged insoles in women with knee osteoarthritis
Senem Güner, Nesrin Yağci, Uğur Cavlak, Levent Özçakar
The rehabilitation treatment in carpal tunnel syndrome associated with diabetes mellitus
Lapadat Gabriela, Popescu Roxana
The effect of hip abductors strengthening exercise on knee pain and function in people with knee osteoarthritis
Sadhana Verma, Shagun Agarwal
Comparative effects of different concentrations of sorbitan monooleate on electromotive administration of diclofenac diethylamine in subjects with knee osteoarthritis
Onigbinde Ayodele Teslim, Ogunye Oluwaseyi Martins, Bamitale Kayode DS, Adetoogun Gbadegesin Elubode, Ojoawo AO, Kambalametore SVK, Margaret Wazakili,
M’kumbuzi Vyvienne
Computerized gait evaluation in patients with surgically repaired Achilles tendon ruptures
Oana Suciu, Niță Andreea, Alina Totorean, Roxana Onofrei
The efficiency of rehabilitation programs for computer workers with neck and shoulder musculoskeletal complaints
Nita Andreea, Popescu Roxana
Aquatic fitness and rehabilitation at individuals with disabilities
Stan Elena Amelia
Effects of electrical stimulation in the management of the cerebral palsy upper limb spastic syndrome
Stanoiu Cosmina, Zavaleanu Mihaela, Rosulescu Eugenia, Vasilescu Mirela, Dinca Diana,
 Stanoiu Bogdan, Caimac Danut
Effect of proprioceptive exercises on balance and center of pressure in athletes with functional ankle instability
Singh Amrinder, Singh Deepinder, Sandhu Jaspal Singh
The role of occupational therapy within the complex functional rehabilitation program of the paraplegic patient
Mirela Dan, Ioan Cosmin Boca
Pre and postoperative gravity center and muscular activity evaluation in patients with total hip arthroplasty
Marius Neculaes, Paul Botez
Active rehabilitation importance in patients with primary total hip replacement
Carmen Grierosu, Paul Botez
Study regarding the monitoring and optimisation in athletes’ rehabilitation after cruciate ligaments injuries arthroscopically assisted
Predescu Corina, Ionescu Anca Mirela, Vasilescu Mirela
Home based application of transdermal cryoanalgesia as interventional pain management among Nigerian physiotherapists
Onigbinde Ayodele Teslim, Talabi AE, Olaoye O, Oniyangi S, Olaitan OL, Odeyemi E
Application of kinetotherapy for improvement  of the osteo-articular pathology in patients with secreting GH pituitary tumors
Elena R. Ionescu, Mihaela N. Popescu, Elena Taina Avramescu, Anca Ganescu
Association of occupational low back pain, disability and trunk muscle endurance among Indian nurses: a cross sectional study
Khushboo Singh, Poonam Rani
Individualized training, chest physiotherapy and incentive training in cystic fibrosis patients
Bogdan Almajan-Guta, Alexandra Rusu, Claudiu Avram, Violeta Almajan-Guta
Comparative efficacy of open kinetic-chain exercise and short-wave diathermy in the management of patients with knee osteoarthritis
T.O. Awotidebe, Babalola JF, Oladipo O.I., Abass A.O.,  Mbada C.E., Onigbinde A.T., Segun Sanusi
Effect of Prone Traction Technique on Pain and Disability in Patients with Low Back Pain
Ojoawo A O, Onigbinde AT, Odejide S O, Badru  A
Comparative Study of Therapeutic Application of  Heat Followed by Static Stretch and Mulligan Bent Leg Raise Technique  on Hamstring Flexibility
Nagarajan Mohan, Rahees Mohammed M
Immediate Effects of Suboccipital Muscle Stretch in Cervicogenic Headache
Rupali Gupta, Poonam Rani
Kinetotherapy for cancer patients
Daniela Matei, Rodica Trăistaru, Roxana Popescu, Mădălina Borcan
Study regarding the importance of relaxation in the functional physical therapy treatment of the child with infantile encephalopathy
Mirela Dan, Ioan Cosmin Boca
Comparative efficacy of cycle-ergometry exercise and glucosamine sulphate iontophoresis in pain management of subjects with sub-acute knee osteoarthritis
Onigbinde A T, Talabi A E, Okulaja I.A, Dominic O
Comprehensive evaluation (demographic and functional) for predicting independent ambulation in spastic cerebral palsy
Zăvăleanu Mihaela, Roşulescu Eugenia, Ilinca Ilona
New therapeutic approach for improving glucose metabolism in elderly
Tudor Mariana Ionela, Georgescu Luminita, Ciucurel Constantin, Traila Horia, Iconaru Elena Ioana
A randomized control trial to study the effect of T.E.N.S and postural training in the management of temporomandibular joint disorders
Priyanka Sadana, Poonam Singh
Effects of glucosamine sulphate iontophoresis on hamstring flexibility of subjects with knee osteoarthrtitis
Onigbinde A. T., Talabi A. E., Ojoawo A. O., Adedoyin R. A., Onifade O. A., Olaitan O. L.,
Oniyangi S., Belloni O.
The comparison of the results of WOMAC, KOOS and SF-36 evaluations for the patients with knee osteoarthritis
Badıllı F.S., Ozdincler A.R., Dereli E.E., Yeldan İ., Demirbas R.E.
Theoretical Considerations of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Rehabilitation
Cristina Elena Zaharia
Accelerated rehabilitation protocol for grade II medial meniscus tear: a clinical case report
Zutshi K, Jain S
Study concerning the importance of complex assessment in stroke rehabilitation
Păun Elvira, Rusu Ligia, Popescu Roxana, Copiluşi Petre Cristian, Cernăianu Sorina, Dragomir Mihai
Biomechanical modifications occurring at joint knee level while walking, at sportsmen with knee sprain
Corina Pantea, A. Ivan, M. Faur 
Gabriel Panait - Romanian WebSite of  Sport Medicine
Unconventional methods used in the treatment of certain types of back pain (abstract) - Romanian Web Portal for Sports Medicine
Nilufer Cetisli Korkmaz, Akmer Mutlu, Gul Baltaci
Stretching techniques in medical rehabilitation
Ojoga Florina, Ojoga L, Nicolescu M, Predescu Corina, Gusita Veronica
Effects of Pilates-based exercises on activity of tranversus abdominus muscle in patients with non-specific chronic low back pain: a pilot study
Gamze Ekici,  Ozlem Ozcan Bingul, Edibe Yakut
The effect of a 12-week low-impact exercise program for elderly people with early parkinson’s disease in bone mineral density
Lazaridis S. , Kitsios A. , Ioannidis T. , Zaggelidis G
Control of compensatory mechanisms by physiotherapy after surgical stabilized proximal tibia fracture
Rumiana Tasheva, Zoya Aliakova, Penev Plamen, Borisov Stoil

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