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Exercise physiology 2013 - present

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Exercise Physiology 2009 - 2012

Comparing open kinetic chain with closed kinetic chain exercise on quadriceps strength and functional status of women with osteoarthritic knees
Sadhana Verma

Evaluation the functional status of the liver in elite Jordanian athletes
Ziad Ermili, Kamal Mansi, Talal Aburjai, Ahmad Bani Ata, Ziad M. Hawamdeh

An empirical study of backward walking treadmill training on static and dynamic balance in adolescent girls
Baljinder Singh Bal, Gaurav Dureja, Parminderjeet Kaur

Effects of a Short Term Plyometric Training Program on Biochemical and Physical Fitness Parameters in Young Volleyball Players
Baljinder Singh Bal, Kanwaljeet Singh,  Karunesh Kumar

Comparison of back saver sit and reach test and modified back saver and reach test as a measurement of hamstring flexibility in female college student
Pooja Sabhachandani, Poonam Rani

Exercise training effect on cardiometabolic risk factors and quality of life in young obese patients
Rusu Alexandra Mihaela, Avram Claudiu, Almajan-Guta Bogdan, Cocaina Andreea,
Mihaescu Adelina, Gaita Dan Ion

Changes of electromyogram amplitude performing protractile wrist muscle isometric contraction while increased load is applied
Aldona Gružienė, Žibuoklė Senikienė, Marija Ivaškienė

Effect of physical activity on body water in sedentary young underweight and obese women
Habibzadeh Nasim

The study concerning the development of the effort capacity of the footballers at the first league team
Marius Dima, Olivia Timnea, Sanda Toma  Urichianu

Skeletal muscle fatigue - from the peripheral to the central mechanisms
Florin-Marius Romanescu, Mirela Vasilescu, Adrian Neştianu, Tudor Adrian Bălşeanu

The variation of the somatic and functional parameters in female adolescents, after an intense physical  exercise program
Beznă Sorin, Neştianu Adrian,  Beznă  Marinela, Tudoraşcu Iulia

Exercise and oxidative stress
Radu Marius-Daniel, Schiopu Stelian, Coprean Dragomir

The effects of continuous versus intermittent aerobic exercises on lipid profile and anthropometrical parameters at young with Metabolic Syndrome
Vasilescu Mirela, Balşeanu Tudor Adrian, Balaşoiu Mariana, Rusu Ligia, Cosma Germina,
Nanu Costin

Correlations between the respiratory component and the immune system in athletes
Immunological modifications caused by physical effort during training
Comparison of effect of three different techniques on the hamstring muscle flexibility in Indian collegiate male
M.Waseem,  Nuhmani S., Ram C.S.

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Exercise Physiology 2005 - 2008

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