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Cane ( "Stick" ) TEST


   While I was doing the Research Plan  for  Aconcagua 2011 [Romanian medical expedition],  I have though about a simple test which is performed during a certain period of time, a test able to highlight the effects of cerebral hypoxia due to  decreased oxygen partial pressure in very high altitude, a test called stick (cane) test.
Technical Description of the test:

maintain a stick on the fingers tip,  on vertical balance for 60 seconds.
the test evaluates the balance and visual – motor coordination.
the material and length of the stick are of no importance (we reccomend 50 cm), but is mandatory to use the very same stick for the next test.

 The test prerequisite is that the subject will be able to maintain on vertical balance, on the fingers tip, on one hand, a stick 50 cm long, for 60 seconds at sea level (no wind).

How to do the test:

 The subject, standing or sitting, makes three successive attempts, aiming to maintain the stick vertical for 60 seconds.
 The examinator cronometrates the time on every attempt anf final calculates the average time for the test (arithmetic mean or average)
Proba bastonului
  • The maximal score for any person is 60.
  • A single evaluation has no medical or scientific meaning.
  • After 2-3 daily testing, in basal conditions (good health status, comfort conditions) when (if) these conditions are changed due to excessive fatigue, hypoxia, and different degrees of stress,  the daily test score values can underline the level of physical and neuropsychic stress.
  • the test can be used in various sports (medical and sport evaluation).
 I am not sure  if this test was mentioned by somebody else before -  if any of my colleagues are aware about it (or something similar), plase let me know - I would very much appreciate an e-mail.

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English version: July 27,  2011

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