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Sports Cardiology 2011 - present

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Sports Cardiology 2010 - 2005

Normal and pathological electrocardiographic changes in top athletes
Dan-Eduard Ovricenco

The electrocardiographic abnormalities in highly trained athletes in relation to the genetic study related to causes of unexpected sudden cardiac death
Macarie C, Dermengiu D, Ioana Stoian, Ligia Barbarii, Ileana Tepes Piser, Ghioncel O, Carp  A,
Stoian. I

Supervised exercise and modification of risk factors: a therapeutic window in cardiovascular diseases
Angelides NS

Gray zone problem in athletes
Kasikcioglu Erdem

Strategy of cardiovascular testing in young athletes for the prevention of cardiac complications
Alexander Kisko, Jan Kmec, Anna Eliasova, Lubica Dernarova, Zdenka Uherova, Anna Hornakova, Andriy Shyp, Olesja Horlenko, Nelli Kishko N, Vasylyna Svystak

Frequency of expanded QRS complex lenght dependent sportive probation at young sportsmen
Nebojša Antić, Tamara Gavrilović, Brankica Đavolović, Jadranka Plavšić, Miroljub Zlatković, Sanja Mazić

Marfan syndrome causing sudden cardiac death in a young athlete
Asouhidou Irene, Asteri Theodora, Natsis Konstantinos

Frequency of expanded QRS complex at young selected sportsmen
Miroljub Zlatković, Brankica Đavolović, Suzana Zlatković, Jovan Zlatković, Sanja Mazić

Can the right ventricular outflow function be correlated with QRS abnormalities in the right precordial and upper right precordial leads (Brugada leads)? - An ECG-Echocardiographic study
Ioana Stoian, O. Chioncel, Ileana tepes Piser, A. Carp, I. Stoian, C. Macarie

Electrocardiographic issues occurred in a prospective study on 3000 electrocardiographic lines in performance sportsmen
Tiberiu Racasan

Blood pressure changes following supramaximal exercise
Hilmi Karatosun, Ahmet Koyu, Cem Çetin 

Heart rate monitoring and the physiologic basis of using it, in exercise intensity dosage
Ursta Anghel Mihai Relu

Bio-computational solutions for identification, correction and prophylaxis of cardiovascular risk factors(II)
Taina Elena Avramescu

Right ventricular dysfunction – a possible limiting factor of the exercise capacity in top athletes
Elisabeta Pufulete

Bio-computational solutions for identification, corection and prophylaxis of cardiovascular risk factors (I)
T. Avramescu, M. Zăvăleanu, I. Ilinca

Preexcitation syndrome Wolf-Parkinson-White at athletes
Rusu L, Vasilescu M, Ionescu A

Sudden death at athletes
Pufulete E

The apex hypertrophic cardiomiopathy
Patac A

The cardiorespiratory sincope at the weightlifters
Baroga M

Heart rate variability study in time and frequency domain at child with ages between 7-16 years old
Iancu I, Vasilescu M, Dima LM

The signification of the ventricle abnormal repolarization at athletes
Pufulete E, Carp C, Carmen G, Deleanu D

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