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Articles, Info & Abstracts 2009 - present:
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Stress fracture of the tip of the olecranon in a professional discus thrower
Ionescu Anca Mirela, Anghelescu Dan, Anghelescu Marian
Posterolateral knee instability in patients with anterior cruciate ligament lesion - clinical and MRI evaluation
Ion Bogdan Codorean, Ioan Codorean, Stefan Mitulescu, Eduard Cernat
Our experience in treating femoral diaphyseal fractures and their most common complications
Radu Ciuvică, Mirela Vasilescu, Anca Bordianu, Ştefan Cristea
Work related musculoskeletal disorders among administrators in a Nigerian university
Ojoawo Adesola O, Oni Michael, Popoola O
Overuse Knee Injuries in Athletes
Miroslav Kezunovic
Osgood Schlatter’s disease - A burst in young football players
Marcio Domingues
The use of bone substitutes in treating large bone defects after femoral shaft fractures – case report
Radu Ciuvica, Stefan Cristea
Profile of injuries in Indian elite male field hockey players in relation to playing positions
Archana Sharma, Mayur Seth, Shyamal Koley
Ligament tensioning devices in total knee prostheses: evolution and classification
Marius Gramada
Modern principles of treatment in Lisfranc midfoot dislocations
Razvan  Bandac
Atraumatic knee pain in young, active patients – is there any pain "without cause"?
Stefan Chindris, Ariana Patac
Musculo-skeletal trauma incidence in competitive sportsmen:  Forearm and elbow traumas by age groups and time spent in sports practicing (part II)
Elena - Doina Mircioaga, Alexandra Mircioaga
Late functional results after incomplete ruptures of Achilles tendon to athletes patients
Ștefan Chindris, Ariana Patac
Musculo-skeletal trauma incidence in competitive sportsmen: Forearm and elbow traumas by age groups and time spent in sports practising (part I)
Elena - Doina Mircioaga, Alexandra Mircioaga
Role of muscular performance evaluation for injury prevention in rugby players
Alexandra M. Rusu, Claudiu Avram, Lucian D. Hoble
A study on musculoskeletal trauma incidence in competitive sportsmen
Elena Doina Mircioaga, Alexandra Mircioaga
Shoulder rotator muscle normative values in Indian overhead athletes with and without impingement syndrome
Sandhu Jaspal Singh, Yadav Abhinav, Shenoy Shweta
The use of absorbable screws in the anterior cruciate ligament arthroscopic reconstruction in athletes. A comparative and prospective clinical study
Patru Cristina, Filipescu Doru, Buzescu Alexandru, Ionescu Anca Mirela, Popescu Gheorghe, Lupescu Olivera, Nagea Mihai, Gherghel Liliana
Functional orthosis for medial collateral ligament lesion of the elbow joint in football players: case report
H. Hakan Uysal, Akın Turgut
Numerical simulations of the diaphyseal fractures of the human humerus bone using modular plates with shape memory compression staples
Tarniţă Daniela, Boborelu Cristian,  Popa Dragoş, Tarniţă Dan, Berceanu Cosmin
Comparative study of the clinical outcome of maitland and conservative treatment in idiopathic adhesive capsulitis
Poonam Rani, Neeti Mishra
Effects of overstress in competitive athletes - aspects on the incidence of shoulder and ankle thrauma in volleyball and basketball
Elena Doina Mircioagă,  Maria Mogoşanu, Anca Tudor, Alexandra Mircioaga
The effects of ankle joint position and gastrocnemius muscle contraction and relaxation on anterior tibial translation
Jeff G. Konin, Barbara Melzer, Leah Nof, Elizabeth Swann, William Athans
Pattern of sport injuries at the 15th Nigeria National Sports Festival
Taofeek O. Awotidebe, Ayodele T. Onigbinde, Chidozie E. Mbada, Olusoji O. Oje
Chondropathy of the knee
Predescu Corina, Ojoga Florina, Ghitiu D.
Murgu Andreea, Ionescu Anca, Vasilescu Mirela, Apostol Adela, Balan V

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